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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 4, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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corvettes rescued from a sinkhole. the first few out of eight lifted from a gaping hole that opened up last month. six more are still stuck. gretchen, thanks. it is live on the ground in ukraine. we are live in kiev where we have a front-row seat as a global crisis continues to unfold. just within the last 20 minutes here in kiev we got confirmation that the russian military did indeed set fire to a ballistic missile. we are shaping details about that test and its timing. plus today, i will take down into independence square here in kiev where all of this began. we will look at the spot where it happened and where it could be going. and how folks here in the kiev and in the united states and around the world are being tested. let's get to it.
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it is 10:00 on the east coast -- sorry, it is 10:00 in kiev. 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast. i'm "shepard smith." the starting place for the protest that led to the international showdown here and around the world putting russia's president against the west. a far cry from the fires and fighting that erupted in independence square. today the secretary of state, john kerry, toured the square where more than 80 people died in those protests. he pledged $1 billion in aid to ukraine and, again, called for russia's president, vladimir putin, to stand down in the crimea. that's a peninsula 400 miles from where we are now. a critical area for shipping right on the black sea. in addition, russia has a huge
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navy base there and it is russia's only port that doesn't freeze in the winnerter. as much as western ukraine tries to align withure open and the rest of the west, it is clear president putin does not want to give up russia's grip on this region. president putin's troops surrounded military base, blocked ships and raided government buildings. that happened in the early going. they essentially took complete control of the region, all with no bloodshed. as the stand-off drags on tonight, we are seeing signs that the tension is, indeed, building. as i mentioned, fox news confirmed minutes ago russia did test fire a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile. defense officials tell fox news they were expecting that launch. we will get much more from our pentagon correspondent, jennifer give in, in a few minutes. more signs of tension in the crimea. a russian soldier firld his gun in the air to hold back angry ukrainian troops.
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that situation ended with no violence at all. in fact, most of the russian occupation had been peaceful. ikely because the majority of the people in the crimea identifies russia and 80% people speak russian as their first language. but outside of the cripple yeah a -- crimea and kiev, people have given their blood and sometimes lives to cut ties with the ruler. we saw fighting play out here. the square is filled with memories of the protesters that died. we saw flowers along with pictures of the dead. the burned-out square is still littered in all areas with signs of that chaos that happened here. the sunset is about to nasa half our in independence square in kiev. there are flowers by the millions. the tires we all saw burning
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last week, as the protesters were out and fighting back police. the smell of those tires still thick in the air with the fog impenetrable and has been for the bert part of the last day. we have come down the hill a bit on the weight of independence square and the overpass, you can see pictures of some of those that fought here, no doubt, some that died here. these barricades still in place. this was one of the spots where the people who were protesting were trying to keep the police from coming down to the square they made their own. the barricades go on for, i don't know, many feet. as we all know, in the end, they didn't work. in independence square, you can see we are taping this. michelle obama is participating in awards of courage ceremony with hundreds of ukrainians here watching, as i mentioned, what has become sort of a memorial to all of those who fought. it is hard to imagine having just watched it on tv with all
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of you what this must have felt like and been like and then to have lost this struggle in this city to now wonder what the reality of the future will be with the russians in crimea and the world pulling strings and pushing forces, what the future of this nation holds. and while people here mourn those that died, fighting for their land and for all of that they know, while the people mourn, ukraine's future, analysts say it is not clear what that future will be. president obama again today called for russia's president, vladimir putin to let ukrainians decide their own fate. >> i think more and more people around the world deeply believe it, the principle that a sovereign people, independent people are able to make their own decisions about their own lives. mr. putin can throw a lot of words out there but the facts on the ground indicate that he is not abiding by it, by that
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principle. >> president putin today said his country will use military force only as a last resort. but he is not making thingsies i don't his neighbors to the west. today's russia government controlled natural gas supplier made the big announcement, it will cancel the discount it gives ukraine. that could be a very big problem for this cash-strapped country which pumps russian gas through the pipelines all across europe. let's get the to ed henry live at the white house. >> vladimir putin at his conference today was defiant he did not invade another country. sayings, in fact, putin used the barrel after gun to dictate what he was doing. the president of the united states had not been planning to say anything on this today. he was talking about unveiling his federal budget at a local school here in washington but on defense of it, there were the republican charges that he looks weak on the world stage.
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the president pushed back and had tough talk for putin. >> there is strong belief russia's actions is violating international law. president putin seems to have a different set of lawyers, making a different set of interpretations, but i don't think that's fooling anybody. >> the president went on to insist that it is put wrin who looks weak on the world stage because of his aggression. interesting because the last time these two leaders spoke was over the weekend. you will remember they had that 90-minute phone call. president on the phone with vladimir putin insisting that he back off. in the last couple of days, democrat dick durbin a senator from illinois, has ukrainian-american population there in chicago and gave a speech where he said that the secretary kerry told durbin on that phone call putin would not give in to anything, make any commitments to president obama. durbin said the call was ominous
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and worry something. republicans like lindsey graham are saying that this shows putin is not scared of the president. >> you don't talk to putin for an hour and a half on the phone. have you about a five-minute conversation. mr. president, what you are doing is wrong. it is illegal. >> now, john mccain on the senate flora few moments ago was blasting president obama saying that he tried to reset russian relations and was weak and mccain went on to say that we are now paying the price. >> ed henry from the white house. there is a long satellite delay as we are bouncing our satellite signal from here in kiev all the way to london and then up and back to the united states. so the delay in interviews is difficult. we hope you will bear with us as we bring in bill richardson, former ambassador to the united nations. former governor of the state of new mexico. a pretty good arbiter of the situation like this. governor richardson, it is good to see you.
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the concern here in kiev and beyond is not the russian forces will begin to start firing indiscriminately. they have been shown a pat that end suggests they will not. but there is some mistake that might happen that could lead to something that nobody wants. your thoughts? >> well, you are absolutely right. it is a tinderbox right now. any small altercation can lead to a bigger widening of the conflict. the main objective of all sides, united states, ukraine, russia, should be to de-escalate this crisis and the key is going to be getting the ukrainian government in kiev, talking to the russians, talking to the crimean part of the country to diffuse the crisis. that's the most important success. standing behind ukraine, package of assistance, whirnd them, but also saying to the ukrainian
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government, the kiev government, opponent be careful. let's de-escalate -- let's defuse the crisis and let's not provoke the russians or the crimeans. >> memories are rich here as i'm sure you know. the conflict that happened in georgia. vladimir putin or the russians went in and ended up tiptoeing out of there and regained some territory. if that sort of thing were to happen here, there is month indication ukraine will be able to get that crimea at my point. if that's the case and ukraine loses crimea to the russians, that's a big problem and another violation of international law and maybe even a sign that vladimir putin of the world you can get away with it. >> obviously vladimir putin and the russians are -- they are trying to send a message. they felt that nato humiliated russia. i don't think that's the case.
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that a lot of the russian republicans have gone west have gone to the united states to your open. putin wants to recapture the old russian empire. it was evident at the sochi olympics. at the same time will has to be a cost to what he has done. it just can't be a combination of i ddiplomacy and isolation. putin has to pay with sanctions and international scorn. but also i think that the united states has to long long reign. maybe we put some of our missiles back in poland to send a message that we are engaged in that part of the world. natural gas, right now in kiev, it is going to hurt the ukrainians not to get natural gas at the special discount. the united states should consider in the future exporting natural gas, exporting oil. this is something that we haven't done overseas and we
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should consider doing that. >> governor bill richardson, live with us. can you not overstate the dire situation of the economy here in ukraine. they already had gotten a $15 billion aid package from the russian which is has now been -- which has been, at the very minimum, delayed. there's absolutely no way for ukraine to get out of this mess without help from the international community. all of that said, the situation here in ukraine, has had an enormous effect on economies around the globe. we watched the markets go everywhere. yesterday down all over the place. today, though, things are quite a bit different. the thinking is that maybe this thing has de-escalated to a point where the market feels there is stability. we will get to the owe fox business net two find out what is going on there and what it means for our money. that's coming up. fox reports live from kiev in the heart of another world.
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it is 10:00 here in the evening. a fog shroud in kiev, ukraine. more on the crisis here and how it is affecting the markets around the world and the united states and our 401(k)s.
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after putin ordered forces back to their bases and military would be a last resort, investors around the world seem to show relief by driving up the global markets. take a look at the dow right outer loop. it jumped twiple digits in the morning hours after dropping more than 150 points yesterday. the s&p 500 even hit a new intraday high. a record. the fox business network's joe kent is live with the markets. >> hi. the markets are firmly in the green. today is called a risk-on day where investors feel good about trading and making profit on better news. this comes a day after the bears ruled the market on news of a potential cold war escalation in ukraine. on monday the dow fell 154 points. s&p 500 lost .7%. the biggest one-day decline in a month. you mentioned the s&p 500 climbing today tow all-time highs today. s to track to view its best since december.
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it listed smaller stocks as well. new record high today. the is on track to close at its highest in a week. after hitting a one-month low yesterday. gold is down about 1% after investors flocked to it as a safe haven yesterday. and oil is 1.6% lower today as well. take a look over in europe. the markets were covered as well. germany and france surging 2.5%. the u.k. closing up 1.7%. it is good news now for now but the markets are watching every development in ukraine very closely. back to you. >> i'm sure they are. jo ling kent. let's bring in mark. she an author of a book called "frayed like a stock market wizard." mark, it is nice to see you. a lot of concern around the world that this isn't over. had is an up and down thing. hope reply this has settled and
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certainly has for the time being. who knows what tomorrow holds? >> well, we will see how it is going to play out. but the markets here, and wall street, are giving some cheer here today with the russell 2000 ripping to new highs. the risk on-trade is definitely back. >> what we are seeing now is a longstanding market being averse to uncertainty. if it sees some degree of certainty, clearly the markets do today, at least, this can continue. but what are the danger signs for the market around the world as it relates to this crisis? >> you know, yesterday when the markets sold off the volume was very low. that was the tip-off that this may not be as bad as it appeared. i would look for slowing volume. for the rally to reverse itself. if it came crashing down in the next few days that could be an indication bp natural gas didn't
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even yale from an oversold condition. it pulled back from 640 to 440 and was not able to rally much yesterday and it has been a blip in gold and oil. i don't think that the mark receipts really saying that this is amounting to anything right now. >> let's hope not. the truth is anybody who played yesterday and today and rode these waves, the big guys down on wall street made a lot of money because when there is volatility there is money to be paid. hopefully nobody made big change osz one day's activities because that's not the way to invest. they will all tell you that. more ahead on the stand-off in ukraine. first, other important news to report throughout the afternoon and evening and including a new study that suggests an important link between cancer and how much protein you eat. plus, the attorneys at the oscar pistorius trial. a woman heard his girlfriend
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live from kiev in ukraine. i will have more on the situation here in just a moment. let's first get back to john scott. for many folks trying on get healthy, protein is the way to go. a new study shows depending on your age, it could kill you if you eat too much of it. according to researchers at the university of southern california, folks between the ages of 50 and 65 who eat a lot of meats and cheeses are nearly twice as likely to die younger than other adults. not just that. they are four times more likely
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to die of cancer. that is in the same league as smoking. the thing is researchers say that same diet may be good for you after you turn 65. they say that level of protein intake actually makes those folks less susceptible to disease. john roberts, live in atlanta. those are startling figures. >> yes, jon, it is stunning to think a diet rich in animal protein could be driving up cancer rates in this country. that's what rue searchers think is happening. the researchers believe a diet rich in animal protein, meat, milk and cheese, is creating much more of a growth hormone in the body than would normally be there. igf-1 is associated with the development of cancer. over the last few years, worldwide people have been consume morgue calories, getting more of their protein from meat. particularly with the popularity of fad diets like the paleoand atkins. after looking at the health records of more than 6,000 people, lead researcher longo
12:25 pm
says eating too much protein can have negative effects of people in middle age. >> they had a fourfold increase in the chance of dying from cancer and almost wouldfold increases the chance of dying from overall causes of mortality. so -- this is almost as bad as smoking. >> now, here is an interesting twist in all of had. when you get to the age of 65, your body stops producing so much of this hormone and high-protein diet can be good for you. look what they found. people over the age of 65, who had a high-protein animal diet, had a 60% reduction in their risk of cancer. not good for you younger in life. maybe good for you older in life. >> how much protein is safe for middle-aged folks? >> centers for disease control says that we should be get being 60% of our diet from protein.
12:26 pm
the usc researchers say it is too much. it should be more like 10% and most of that protein should come from plant-based on fish-based source which don't have same association with cancer. they admit, jon, they could be wrong about all of this. previous studies have shown a link between animal proteins and cancers. they are the first at usc to quantify that risk. a lot of people are very surprised today. >> thank you. a neighbor who says she heard blood-curdling screams the night pistorius shot his model girlfriend to death, testified today she is still coping more an year late person that neighbor took stand for a second straight day. she claims she heard a woman screaming during the fatal encounter. but the defense says that shouting really came from pistorius himself in a high-pitched voice. his attorney also said it could not have been the girlfriend
12:27 pm
because he shot her in the head. she would not have been able to scream. the witness disagreed. keep in mind, she's off camera. >> i heard a voice after the last shot. it could have been with the last shot. the last shot she shouted. she is shouting at the same time. her voice. pistorius took notes during her testimony. both pistorius and the witness cried. remember the olympic blade runner claims he shot his girlfriend by mistake and he thought she was an incruder. prosecutors say that he murdered her after an argument. he faces a possible life sentence. let's go back now to "shepard smith" live in kiev. >> the crisis here in ukraine raised tensions across this region. we will explain in just a moment why one country reports that it
12:28 pm
recently scrambled some of its fighter jets. did russia pull a fast one on the united states intelligence community while sending thousands of troops here to ukraine? we will ask a former top american security official. that's ahead. fox reports live from kiev. we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is.
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more headlines from the fox news desk. north korea fired seven artillery shells into the ocean today. this is the third day of launches in a week. that's akorgd to defense officials in south korea. they called north korea's launches a reckless provocation. back at home, the feds are suing sprint for overcharging on wiretap. they say the company collected an extra $21 million over more than three years. a sprint spokesman said the bills were fair and legal. the suit also reveals the drug enforcement administration spent
12:31 pm
the most on wiretap and they were followed by the fbi. two stars of "the real housewives" pleaded guilty to fraud. remember these would guys? they previously had denied they lied on mortgage applications and hid their fortune from a bankruptcy filing. we will have much more coming up right after these messages. "shepard smith" reporting from kiev. [ male announcer ] away...
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live from the capital city of kiev. it is a impact of the crisis here spreads across the region and around the cloeb, officials in turkey say they scrambled eight ethnic fighter jets today after a russian surveillance plane through along the black sea coast. the turks say that is it is flames yesterday that did end up staying international space. turkey's northern coast, along the black sea is about 175 miles from that russian navy base in the crimean peninsula. the pentagon reports that it has suspended all military
12:34 pm
engagements with russia but the obama administration officials have pushed back on the possibility of any military confrontation. and if ukraine were to potentially stand alone against russia's military, the two sides would be severely mismatched. look at this. according to an international research group, ukraine's army has fewer than 65,000 troops. russia's has 285,000. ukraine has just more than 1100 battle-ready tanks. while russia has more than 2,500. in terms of warplanes, ukraine has about 230 compared to russia's nearly 1,500. ukraine also has eight warships but russia has nearly 50. meantime, fox news now confirms russia did successfully test fire an intercontinental ballistic test missile. whales do we know about this missile test? >> u.s. defense officials tell us that the russians tested a long-range missile earlier today
12:35 pm
but russia alerted u.s. officials several days ago before the ukraine crisis start. we are told it was not unexpected and that s.t.a.r.t. treaty notifications occurred. earlier today vladimir putin said he reserves the right to use force in ukraine. markets responded well to putin's its military exercises on ukraine's border but there is no indication that the administration thinks that this crisis is over. here's what secretary kerry said in kiev not long ago. >> i think it is clear russia has been working hard to create a pretext for being able to invade further. it is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of a gun, dictate what you are trying to achieve. that is not 21st century g-8 nationwide behavior. >> the pentagon is laying low allowing for diplomacy.
12:36 pm
they are cap selled military ex-er sigh was russia last night. pentagon press secretary john kirby refuted media reports of u.s. ship movement in the region, quote, there has been no change to our military posture in europe or mediterranean. >> if russia does not choose to de-escalate, if it is not willing to dwroeshgtly with the government of ukraine as we hoped they will be, then our partners will have absolutely no choice but to join us to continue to expands the steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, diplomatically, and economically. >> neither nato or the pentagon has any contingency plans for ukraine right now. that hasn't changed since provide, shep. >> jennifer griffin live at pentagon. thanks very much. when russian troops moved into ukraine, the united states intelligence community was caught off guard.
12:37 pm
our next guest wrote an op-ed in "the washington post" newspaper and in it, our guest claims america has made the crisis worse by not planning for it. michael sing is a former senior director for middle east affairs for the national security counsel and i will in addition, he's currently the managing director for the washington institute. michael, explain to our viewers what it is you were saying. >> well, shep, when i talk about it in the op-ed is the fact we attend to the united states to have a hard time looking more than one move ahead. to look two, three moves ahead. to take sort of early action, bold action, that can help to prevent conflicts. instead we often find ourselves in a position of trying to manage or defuse conflicts. as you know very well by time this kind of conflict erupted, it is much harder to address it. it is much harder to get russian troops out of crimea than it would have been to perhaps prevent this crisis in the first
12:38 pm
place. that is contingency planning and part of the basic playbook of policy. >> of course, the russians have a base in crimea. with thousands of troops there, they have been stationed there -- until an agreement was reached years guy. in addition the russian border is -- is a quick helicopter ride away. from all accounts, the russian troops were able to mobilize, if you will, the helicopters were able to come across the border in a matter of hours. what potentially could the united states have done along with its westernal ice to prevent such a thing? >> well, it is -- i don't want to say that it is -- necessary there case that we could have done anything. you know, maybe that russia was going to do this basically almost any circumstance that it was foreseeable. but back in october or move you will remember that ukraine was making this decision about whether or not the association a -- sign an agreement with the eu. the decision not to do is it
12:39 pm
what sparked the crises. i think we would have concluded the u.s. and eu were not putting a big pry it and not coming forward with big aid packages and did not consider this a high-priority issue. only now that it turn mood this crisis, are we focused it. it shouldn't take this kind of conflict for us to recognize something as the a strategic interest. i think, again, that's where strategic planning comes in. >> the east and the southeast along with crimea, here ukraine -- very closely lined with russia and have been and hundreds of years. the west of this nation, much more lined with europe. the western part of the ukraine feels like europe as you ride around and talk to people, where the eastern part feels like old, old ussr. is it an unnatural union of two regions and might the future hold that part of this country goes to the east and part of this country goes to the west
12:40 pm
naturally? >> i don't think that's necessarily the case. the dynamic you described is true of so many places in europe. and if we started sort of to talk about, well, people or every language group should have its own state, that would be very unsettling, unstabilizing situation. and, frankly, i think that it is -- we are painting with too broad a brush, it is not the case everyone who speaks russian or everyone who even is of russian ethnicity necessarily does not feel also sort of a sense the nationalism -- there are plenty of people in the crimea, plenty of people in eastern ukraine, that are proud ukrainians. in any case, i don't think that the acceptable answer to that is for one country to simply invade a -- another country and say anythe one that speaks our language is, therefore, ours to take. >> we would have serious problems around the world if that were the case. my crew and i got here after an overnight flight in the early afternoon hours here in ukraine.
12:41 pm
and it has been a remarkable experience so far. we will have more of what we encounter here on the ground. that's next on "shepard smith reporting" live from kiev. [poof!] [beep] [clicks mouse] nice office. how you doing? good. automatic discounts the moment you sign up.
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live from ukraine where the crisis has been months in the making. it began with peaceful protests but eventually across unfolded around kiev independence square which is in the fog behind me. demonstrators hit it in late november of last year after ukraine's president backed away from signing an agreement with the european union. again, those protests began as mainly peaceful rallies. over time, there was a violent outburst. especially after the governor passed new anti-protest laws. that turned up the protests. the government agreed to a multibillion dollar bailout pack fraj russia. officials reported the first death in january. then last month, we saw fiery
12:45 pm
clashes between riot police and protesters that killed dozens of people and now those riots have ended and there is a starkly different attitude here in kiev. amy kellogg joins me now. we were -- we had been told to expect that people would be saddened, that correspondent has seen a lot of shock on people's faces, bewilderment maybe. just a sense of wonder about where they are and where they are going. we saw a lot of sad faces today, amy. >> yes. not many dry eyes on my dime. people told me today the mood on the square changed in another significant way recently. after yanukovych fled in the night. they want to keep camping out to make sure that the government did right by them and chuck out anyone they thought was corrupt or inefficient. they would stay there until the new president was elected.
12:46 pm
now the mood has changed. it is one of unity in the face of this russian threat. they are not looking to take down this government. they are looking to stick together in any way they can. again, there's so much pain and grief for the dead. we saw two caskets paraded around today in the course of an hour. with those carrying them chanting, "heroes don't die." you simply can't imagine the steady stream of people still laying flowers two weeks after the bloodbath. piles and piles of flowers next to pictures of mostly young men taken down by snipers two weeks ago. there's not a dry eye at some of these memorials. locals go by systematically victim by victim saying prayers and the barricades and piles of tires are still out there. some self-defense guides patrolling it all. there does not feel there is any threat. john kerry said today the biggest threat is russia will inraid and this one particular member of the nationalist party we met today, these are the guys
12:47 pm
that russian says are fascist, which they deny, says that there's no reason that ukraine needs to be at loggerheads with russia. >> we are prepared to cooperate with russia again. it will be a democratic-free russia that does not destroy ukraine. we are prepared to work with russia. but not the imperial russia of vladimir putin for another tyrant or dictator that may replace him. >> so many people questioning why ukraine and russia need to be on the brink of war. they are brothers, after all. very close people and can't get their hands aroueads around the this situation. the top brass in the ukrainian and russian armies were comrades a decade ago, two decades ago, working together in the red army. for them, too, it got to be destabilizing that they are facing off at this tense moment. >> it has to be. we are heard so much of that
12:48 pm
today in crimea. amy, some russian troops and ukrainian troops met there with the russians firing weapons and ukrainians saying that we are brothers, this should not be happening and then consultations. one shot fired over the heads of ukrainian soldiers that had been lower and missed and would have an entirely different situation now. moments ago we heard gunfire here. so many concerns that a mistake could happen and could lead to something much more serious. we will have much more on the crisis here in ukraine in a moment. first, more of the other news and the rest of the news from today. here's a live look inside of new jersey courtroom where a teenager is suing her parents. this jersey teenager claims they should pay up after they cut her off. her father claims that she is the one that decided to leave home. the details of this family dispute next.
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continuing coverage of the crisis here in ukraine. live from kiev on a foggy but cold night, but let's get to john scott with more of the day's headlines. >> breaking news now. take a live look inside a new jersey courtroom. a high school senior is suing her parents for financial support after she says they kicked her out of the house when she turned 18 she says her father told her she was on her own. dad says she chose to leave because she did not want to follow his rules, things like doing her chores and obeying her curfew. he said he won't pay for private school in the fall unless she comes home. rick leventhal has more live in our new york newsroom. rick, any idea when this gets resolved? >> john, not clear if we'll get a verdict today but the two
12:53 pm
sides in family court right now. it's an uncomfortable scene playing out. rachel canning and her parents hadn't seen each other for months and they are opposite two adjoining tables and rachel is an honor student and cheerleader at morris high school and she says her parents wanted her to break up with her boyfriend and cut her off when she refused. but her father said it was normal/teenager parent stuff that escalated into full-blown rebellion and he said he's heartbroken. >> i don't know, it's going to be very tough. are there privileges living at my house and the other rules? yes, college education and all that comes to living under our roof. i think she's being steered down the wrong area and it's killing us. it really is. >> the lawsuit is apparently being funded by the family that rachel moved in with and this suit today seeks reimbursement of the 12 grand in legal fees spent so far, john.
12:54 pm
>> and they will keep rising i'm sure. is there any kind of precedent for this? >> there is in respect to the emancipation of a child of divorced parents which puts the burden on the parents if they're financially able to pay. a court decision in the same county found a child's admittance and attendance of college may overcome the rebuttal that a child may be emancipated at age 18. this is something the judge has to decide today or will decide soon. she, rachel, has already been accepted to several schools, john, so this has to be decided at some point. >> keep us posted. thanks. to lea gabriel with a fox report on some of the other fox news of the day. radioshack reports its plans to close as many as 20% of its stores, 1,100 locations across the country. analysts say that radioshack has been struggling to update its image and their sales, well, they've been plummeting. cops say do not try this at
12:55 pm
home. a man said he spotted a guy on surveillance video trying to break into his house outside of san francisco and he chased him down. >> i grabbed him from the back and i put him down. i sat on him. >> police say they did arrest the suspect. and the beads they had are flying in the french quarter this mardi gras. it's a cold, rainy fat tuesday in new orleans. but folks came out to party anyway. we're back to sheppard smith reporting live from kiev. >> thanks very much. "shepard smith reporting" continues right after this. i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
12:56 pm
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♪ ♪ updating now fox top story live from kiev, fox news now confirms russia has test fired a long-range missile like this one. pent gon pentagon confirms they got notice they were planning this launch but it's yet another sign of the russian president
12:59 pm
vladimir putin flexing his military muscle and beyond as he ignores warnings from the united states and others to keep his hands off ukraine. he spoke to reporters for the first time since the crisis began today in a really strange seated formation. she said that russia for its part would use military force as a last resort. that's even after his troops already seized control of the critical crimean region about 400 miles from here. our expectation is that we'll be reporting live from there tomorrow should transportation and security make it possible. today president obama again called for president putin to let the people of ukraine decide their own future. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry toured the memorial in independence square in the fog behind me today. they honored those killed during the fiery protests which eventually led to the global crisis which we're seeing now. we'll be back during the 5:00 tonight during updates on this situation and beyond and expect to travel to crimea overnight.
1:00 pm
for "shepard smith reporting" reporting live wednesday afternoon. the markets have reacted very favorably today and a live look at the dow shows us the industrial average has soared. i'm sheppard smith in kiev. "your world with neil cavuto" starts now. >> thank you. today a guy that stood up to vladimir putin and knows the threat the ukraine is facing first hand. at one point running from what his bodyguards thought was an imminent russian attack the former georgian president said putin is looking for a hot war and there may be no way to stop him. we'll be live from kiev moments from now. meanwhile, this was the scene in ukraine today. shots fired as ukrainian troops said russian forces came
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